Bell Curving and Grade Deflation

It’s time to stop grade deflation

This article looks at bell curving that seems to be occurring in University of Toronto to meet their quota. It discusses the problems that occurs when grades are inflated and illuminate on a large problem of grade deflation. The problem with bell curving is that instructors are giving a grade that does not reflect the student’s ability. The article states, “After all, you can change a grade from a 40 to a 60 per cent, but the student won’t magically understand that 20 per cent of material” (Schwartz). It shows the problem with the educational system, where it is not fulfilling its function to properly and effectively teach students for their future career, but instead the university worries about its status and prestige. The article also looks at the problem of grade deflation, which is closely related to the problem with bell curving and university quotas. Grade deflation, similarly, does not show the student’s abilities, and makes it unfair for those who do deserve a mark that reflect their academic ability, but would not attain it because of the regulated marks that are given to make the teacher’s quota. This certainly shows the flaws in our educational system that are affecting the students.


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