Social Movements in Canada: Idle No More

This article discusses Chief Theresa Spence and the Idle No More movement, by grassroots First Nations in Canada, who demand proper treatment of indigenous rights, which have been a long and difficult fight. The dissatisfaction towards the Canadian government from the First Nations community has became more prominent when the Bill C-45 was introduced; a bill that changes aspects of the Canadian Indian Act, which negatively affect Aboriginal rights, mainly relating to reserve lands. The article states that because of economic gains that results from this bill, the government find it easy to go around and ignore the rights of the Native community. The Idle No More group seek to change the treatment of aboriginal lives and Canadian environment. They the Bill C-45 as a highlighting issue of much bigger issues that plague the Aboriginal communities due to the effects of imperial and colonial interests; such as appropriate housing, clean water, issue of the missing aboriginal women, etc. Related to this is Chief Spence’s hunger strike in order to gain attention to dissatisfaction of the First Nations, and actually gain an opportunity to discuss these issues with the Prime Minister. Chief Spence’s hunger strike was effective because it gained numerous support and brought about action in communities (such as protests like in the videos).

It is important to note that this article tries to align the views of the Idle No More to other groups using environmental issues that generates a sense of nationalism because these environmental issues directly affecting Canada.


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