Technology & Mental Health

Depression? There’s an app for that

The UK is trying to “modernize” the treatment of mental health. In this article, it talks about trying to put forward the idea for an app that helps people, especially young adults, with mental health issues to have access to treatment without going to mental health care services directly. They are proposing this idea in order to expand the spectrum of where and how people with mental health problems can get help. This is mostly directed to young adults because of their interlaced existence with the online world and it gives them an alternative they can easily access and feel comfortable with. This proposal also solve the issue of mental health services getting cut from funding, so even without these services there would be an app as an alternative. The problems with this idea are people being misdiagnosed, and that they would become too dependent on internet-based treatment rather than a combination of face-face and digital treatment. Ultimately, this shows us that technology has certainly advanced rapidly, but also that advancement is directly related to the needs that rises in society.


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