“It’s not about race :-)”

First Mike Brown, Then Eric Garner: Prosecutors Can’t Be Trusted to Try Cops

Earlier this summer, a NYPD not getting indicted for the murder of Eric Garner where the police used an banned chokehold by the NYPD. The reactions that came with the Grand Juries’ decision to not press any charges opened the issue of systematic racism. Yes, it does there are the issue of police brutality and the broken justice system, but what the underlying issue of this is racism, more particularly anti black racism. Like the article states, the decision mirrored that of the case in Ferguson, which erupted a large reaction from the people of Ferguson for not indicting Darren Wilson who killed an unarmed Mike Brown. Likewise, it also happened in New York where protestors uses Eric Garner’s last words as a statement (as seen in the videos). They are angry that despite the video evidence (where the man took the video was indicted) and the New York City medical examiner’s classification of it being a homicide, there was still no charges. It emphasizes the belief of the systematic racism that is going on in the country.

There have been various news of police brutality that have been raised throughout the past months in light of the Mike Brown and Ferguson events and it gives light to the social inequality within American society emphasizing the element of systematic racism. One example is a similar issue of the chokehold was used on a white student where the police officer was fired. Another is where a white man with a gun out in public was not killed, but subdued. Which is shocking because Tamir Rice, a 12 year old with a toy gun was shot and killed, as well as John Crawford. Even James Eagan Holmes was not shot after shooting 12 people in the  theatre. There are various discussions addressing the issue of racial bias in criminal sentencing and police brutality on black bodies. The national head of the Fraternal Order of Police respond to the increasing complaints about police brutality responds with “it is an issue of poverty” which typically mostly black Americans.


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