Quebec’s Student Tuition Protest of 2012

Quebec Student Protest

In the late spring of 2012 a protest erupted in response to the Parti Libéral du Québec‘s announcement of the 75 percent tuition fees increase by 2017. Two groups that opposed the idea emerged: one group stood against neoliberal  and capitalist ideas, and believed that the government is commercializing education, which is violating the right to free education; and the second group, despite agreeing with neoliberal ideas, did not agree to the rise of tuition because the group did not believe in being in debt just to get an education that would not does not guarantee a well paying job in the current market. The article looks at the relationship of student debt with the increasing issue of guaranteed, permanent employment to less well paid and more insecure jobs. It states that despite Canada having a relatively less amount of tuition fee, and even more so in Quebec (the lowest in the country), students are stuck with their debt for 14 years in average. It introduces the huge issues such as accessibility to education, and also job security after post-secondary education.

These problems are the reason for the student protest. According to the article the protest became a massive resistance which eventually forced the Quebec government to pass the temporary Bill 78, which restricted protesting. This also got of opposition because it violated people’s right to protest. This made it easy for protestors to gain outside support (by convergence) since the issues that are problematic with the government also spoke to people outside the protest, such as accessibility to education, freedom to protest, etc.


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