Toxic Masculinity

Vogue India released this video to raise awareness and battle abuse on women. The violence towards women is influenced by socializing boys, at a very young age, to restrict their emotions. Telling boys that they can’t cry because it is only something exclusive for girls causes problems because it is creating a toxic way in expressing their emotions later in life. It is exactly what some feminist try to argue; patriarchy not only causes inequality for women, but it also emphasis gender roles that is harmful for men and women alike.

This video goes hand in hand with the movement #startwiththeboys. It is trying to correct the problem of how we socialize you boys into these gender roles, which have detrimental psychological implications. Boys are treated badly if they show “feminine” characteristics, which is being able to express their emotions freely, and are taught to be strong and unemotional. Frustration builds up and they become violent because they do not know how to properly express their emotions. This violence then becomes normalized stating that “boys will be boys” and propagating the idea that men are allowed to do anything, such as being able to get away with rape, making street harassment seen as harmless, and excusing or completely denying abuse allegations. #Startwiththeboys is advocating to deconstruct the binary of gender roles, so that there are no define lines on what a person can project themselves as.